Halo, Faal! :)

Biological psychology is the most interesting topic in the world. No doubt every professor or textbook author feels that way about his or her field. But the others are wrong. Biological psychology really is the most interesting topic.

(Kalat, 2009)

Wow, dimulai dengan kalimat yang menarik. Aku jadi tertarik, haha. :))

When I make this statement to students, I get a laugh. But when I say it to biological psychologists or neuroscientists, they nod their heads in agreement, and I do mean it seriously. I do not mean that memorizing the names and functions of brain parts and chemicals is unusually interesting. I mean that biological psychology addresses fascinating issues that should excite anyone who is curious about nature.

Okelah, kita lihat saja :)


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3 thoughts on “Halo, Faal! :)”

      1. hahaha. jujur saya vin. emang susah. soalnya kan itu abstrak gitu. tapi keren. beneran. jadi ya mungkin malah jadi semacam tantangan yang menyenangkan.


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