Menjadi Normal

I must confess a nasty little habit. I have a name for people who do not have a mental illness. These are people who have peculiarities, but in all, are judged sound and sane.

Ketika mencari referensi untuk tugas poster mengenai skizofrenia, aku menemukan sebuah situs menarik. Lebih tepatnya, aku menemukan sebuah laman yang sangat menarik di dalamnya. Kunjungilah ya:

Situs ini adalah semacam galeri seni milik seorang perempuan yang menderita skizofrenia. Dalam laman bertajuk ‘Normals’ perempuan ini menuliskan pandangannya mengenai orang-orang normal, yakni kita-kita yang tidak menderita gangguan jiwa.

Tulisannya membuatku merinding. Dari sudut pandangnya aku kembali teringat bahwa kewajaran yang aku rasakan setiap hari–kemampuan berjalan, meregulasi pikiran, mempersepsi stimulus, dkk–adalah anugerah yang sangat besar. But we’ve been taking it for granted.

Normal people are really highly controlled beings – and they have the extra energy to expend on constructing really good defenses. A normal during the course of their day is usually so goal driven (must get these chores on my list done, must answer the questions of my co-workers, must listen to my client’s complaints, must complete this complicated manual task) that they can’t afford to be taken in by everyone else’s life force. They don’t have the time, they don’t want the distraction, or they won’t allow themselves to be unbalanced by what other people think, want, and feel.

Tulisannya agak panjang. Bersabarlah. Bacalah sampai selesai untuk meraup insight seutuhnya.

While I believe that the mentally ill wish to be understood, they would never want someone else who is a normal to have to walk in their shoes. It is monstrous to desire that kind of pain and disability to mar the intricate, high functioning landscape of a normals’s mind. Mental health is a prize I don’t have, but I am capable of prizing it in others.


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