Kadang jurnal ilmiah bisa jadi sumber inspirasi yang membekas sekali di hati. Kalimat-kalimatnya bahkan bisa lebih manis ketimbang yang ada di novel-novel romantis.

“The consequences of not forgiving the self typically may be more severe than those associated with a lack of interpersonal forgiveness.”
“The failure to forgive the self may result in self-estrangement or self-destruction.”

Harming another person also inflicts hurt upon the self.

Ada rasa-rasa nyess dan jleb dan ugh saat aku membaca kalimat-kalimat itu. Forgiveness yang ‘nempel’ pada namaku terasa semakin berat.. seperti suatu misi seumur-hidup yang.. entah bisa tunai atau tidak.

Hall, J. H. & Fincham, F. D. (2005). Self-forgiveness: The stepchild of forgiveness reasearch. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology vol. 24 (5), 621-637.


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  1. Hmmm, penelitian aku juga tentang self-forgiveness Avina, and i found that self-forgivness also correlate with the quality of our relationship with others


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