Once Upon A Time, There Was A Hero

He was a very weak man. Matter of fact, he deserved the ‘hero’ status only because he’s basically weak. But he struggled through the weakness to save someone from making a foolish decision. Yes, even though it was hard as hell, even though the path was much more lonely, even though the status quo looked easy. That’s how it went. The one he saved lived on a relatively better life. And for the weak man, nobody knows whether it’s a better or worse life of his.

But for sure, once, he was a hero. I’m pretty sure if the man’s dead short after his heroic action, he’d get his personal monument. The monument of bravery and self control, perhaps. Sadly the man is alive.

Oh is it harsh, the word ‘sadly’?

Well it’s not actually sad, but that’s what make him no-hero anymore. Just a once-hero. Because he continues living. In fact, that’s how those people we respect as hero would end up if they were to keep living their life long enough. People will eventually show their flaws, disappoint their brethren. That’s how it goes.

Perhaps that’s also why I’d rather consider the man dead. So that he’ll live on as a hero in my mind.


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