The Litmus, The Herd, and The Hornet’s Nest

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Manufacturing Nonsense

(Credits are due: Iqbal ‘Mabbit’ Satria spurred me to write this and most of the criticism directed towards SGRC stems from him and our discussion)

It is a month of storms. As Jonas buries the U.S. east coast in snow and the increasingly frequent downpour in Jakarta, awful weather small-talks might seem less arbitrary, if you are the kind of person who actually does ask people about the weather as a conversation opener. Another storm has apparently made landfall in Jakarta and its greater area, one hot enough to offset this chilly weather.

Some days ago, my parents texted me an announcement (denouncement, rather) from UI’s PR saying that a group called SGRC has been illegally using the institution’s name and logo. SGRC UI itself is a community organized by students, whose members are those interested in the study of gender and sexuality. SGRC also organizes a support group (hence the…

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