A Touching Ad & My Individualism

I’ve never believed in soulmates.
We’re born alone. Why can’t we happily live alone?
If we have to depend on others, how can we truly embrace our freedom?
The bonds we share can sometimes tie us down.
It seems like people never learn.
They just keep repeating the same mistakes.

But sometimes,
when people do things differently, they could get an unexpected result.
Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when it’s shared.
Surprisingly, our troubles seem lighter when we share them with someone special.
When we find someone else to live for, we find our life’s goal.
We may not all have a soulmate,
but we might find someone that we never knew we needed.

Aww.. :”) How sweet..

I find this ad personally touching. Not that I don’t believe in soulmates or aspire to celibacy, but I.. kind of share the ‘individualism’ value like that woman. My friends can sometimes find me saying things like “We’re born alone, live alone, die alone.” This ad proposes an idea that the presence of others will sparks our life.

But. Wait. Let’s look over the narrative.

Finding someone we never knew we needed? Isn’t that what happened to all of our ‘possessions’? I never knew I ‘needed’ a smartphone. I never knew I ‘needed’ a watch in a particular color and design, or a particular footwear. Now I ‘own’ them and I need them to the point I can’t imagine living without them.

And finding someone else to live for? Finding life’s goal through someone else? So what would happen if he/she dies? We lose our reason to live? Then what? Oh I know, let’s find another one to fill that hole. Great.

No, I don’t buy that. I believe that it’s ultimately important to maintain our individuality. Despite all materialistic and social attachment we bind in this world, we should always try to be whole within ourselves. Sure it would be nice to find a life partner to share happiness and sadness. But it’s irrelevant. Even without them, we still hold the responsibility to be a decent human being. Fulfilling our role as human should be the main focus in life. How others take part is not to be concerned.

I’ll continue living with this ‘individualist’ philosophy. It may sounds arrogant, and I might fail, but at least I’ll try not to. Because the only thing I can’t give up is my self.

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